Does this game get better?

So I love the original Final Fantasy Tactics for playstation. Love Starcraft. Enjoy the total war games....

But I'll be honest... I've played this game for a little over an hour or so and it seems very boring so far.

I don't feel any uniqueness to the characters. They all feel the same in battle. Where as in FF Tactics, all the units had very distinct job types... which would branch out to even more specialized job types which you unlocked over time. On top of some of the story characters actually having very unique job types, like Holy Knight or Hell Knight.

None of the units seem to have anything special except for their basic attacks... and sometimes you get a fancy critical strike animation... but nothing special.

I understand the rock, paper, scissor strategy of the different weapon types... but that doesn't feel incredibly compelling to me.

I feel like I might be missing something... because all the reviews for this game call out how "AMAZING" it is.... but I'm just not having fun with it, despite being a fan of strategy games.