Firewatch: 79 days, 2 visitors

For those familiar with the game, Firewatch, it should not come as a surprise when it is pointed out that during the course of the 79 days the game takes place, only 2 tourists visit Shoshone; the two teen girls that Henry encounters on day 1. Wow, how convenient for the game designers, not having to deal with visitors and stuff. Kind of unrealistic, though, isn't it?

I've been watching gameplays of FW for about 2 weeks, along with theory vids as well. There are some strange oddities one will find within the game that, well, make for interesting contemplation. For instance, besides the previous observation, is the fact that Henry never hears from or encounters the other lookouts; yet there are at least 2 others in his vicinity, for they must also go to the supply drop to pick up their goods just as he does. So where are they all this time?

The 'missing' keys to the cave is another glaring clue to something. Wouldn't the forest service have at least one set of back-up keys to that gate, in case someone gets accidentally locked in? Or at the least, wouldn't the lock have been changed? or new keys made? Why wasn't this done?

So many little things that seem to get 'passed over' too easily in game-play are there for a reason. It is hard to believe the designers, having spent years making the game, left these in without purpose.

What things have you found odd in Firewatch?