Buy this game! What is wrong with you people!?

So I've talked about this game before, but I don't think I've managed to convince anyone how utterly fun it is...

It's a side scrolling actiony-platformy puzzley kind of game... A bit hard to describe (but that's ok, there's a demo!)

You're a grizzled private eye with a bit of an attitude, and you're given a number of missions by various clients. You've also got really, really nice pants, but I won't get into that.

While conversing with your clients, you're given a couple dialog choices ranging from positive - negative - smart ass, and then you're off on your mission!

Most levels have you transversing/infiltrating a building to hack into a computer for one reason or another, with this building being guarded by a variety of guard types (tougher ones get added as you progress through the game).

Your main way to get around is a super-jump (thanks to those fancy pants I mentioned earlier), which combined with your jacket (which, unless I'm wrong, allows you to survive a fall from any height) means you're jumping and falling and crashing through windows galore.

You also unlock a variety of tools as you progress through the game, most of which let you hack objects to interact with each other to help you get inside and then out, quickly and (if you're a nice guy) quietly.

It gets a bit complicated in later levels, as you'll need access to the colored points (in that image, the green/yellow/purple happen to be in the same room) in order to hack objects with those colored wiring. So it becomes a question of "How do I use the red wired objects to open the blue, to open the green, to finally open the yellow?"

Upon a successful mission completion, you're given a rating depending on how you performed... As you can see, I need to do a bit more in that particular level to get an A.

Each level also has an optional objective of a laptop you can hack for useful information. They're usually tucked away in a non-critical room, and sometimes they require a bit of brain work to sort out how to get the door open.

Overall, the game is incredibly fun, superbly written, and controls perfectly. Unless you're allergic to fun, quirky little games, you should do yourself a favor and at least go snag the demo. The full game is $10, and can be picked up via a link on their website (Either Steam or through the Humble Store).

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