Polygon Gamenight: Halo 3 (October 20) - Updated with links

Hey there Polynauts. On Sunday October 20 we're going to return for Halogon and play through some Halo 3 across a range of modes, from Legendary campaign to multiplayer it'll be fun. Why? Because if you have Xbox Live then Halo 3 is your Games with Gold title for the second half of October!

Or rather, 99% fun, 1% death by Foxmcloud555. Be sure to drop your thoughts below on what custom maps (if any) you want to play. Just add the Polynauts gamertag to your friends list and we'll be able to use that as an anchor on the night to set up matches.

How to join in

When: Sunday 20 October, 6PM Eastern, 11PM UK time.

Gamertags to add: Polynauts (XBL) PolygonHalo (XBL)

Twitter (to be kept in the loop): @Halogon / @Polynauts (Twitter)

If you don't have an Xbox 360 feel free to arrange a playnight of your own right here in the comments on whatever format you wish!


If you have Gold you can get the following free content here:

Halo 3

Heroic Map Pack

Cold Storage