Halogon: Prepare for Launch

Welcome to Halogon

Halo 5 comes out tonight! If you're looking for a crew to play with, we got you covered.

Welcome to #Halogon.

Whether you're a fan of co-op, Versus, Big Team Battle (BTB) or even weird Forge creations — we play it all. It's dangerous to go alone, so join us as a member of #Halogon.

Tonight we will be playing at launch (12:01pm EST) and all day tomorrow. Follow us on @Polygon and tag your tweets with #Halogon.

To join our crew, leave a comment with your Gamertag and let's play some Halo tonight!

Here's my profile, you can find my info on the left and be sure to fill yours out by editing your profile by clicking the appropriate button on your own personal profile page.

If you have any questions or suggestions I can answer them here or you can Tweet, or drop an email to me. That's it folks. Mingle, trade information, play and get plenty of 360 snapshots.

It's time to play some Halo.