Contest: Another chance to get into the Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta


Howdy, Polynauts. Over 2000+ of you have now received codes for the Heroes of the Storm closed beta. Please understand that code delivery really does take time as we message all of you all individually. You're all that wonderful, and really worth it. Let's do it all again, we're going to ask a question and you answer (with spoiler text).

How many of you are competitive gamers and love a good old team brawler? That's how Blizzard refers to the self-titled genre in which Heroes of the Storm exists, and we have a further 900 keys to the closed beta to give away. If you're not entirely sure what the game is, Polygon spoke to Blizzard last May about finding the heart of the game that would become HotS, and you can read more about the game here.


A successful entry into the contest will result in you — that's right, you — acquiring a key to the closed beta for Heroes of the Storm. That's what you're here for, right? Check out the following video to get a feel for the closed beta.


This time we're going to give out 150 keys, and to enter you'll need to post your entry to this post in the allotted time below. We'll then lock the comments for a short period while we pick those that replied with the correct answer to a specific question and send those keys over on the next working day (Mon-Fri). You may enter the contest each day, but you are permitted a total of one key. If you win one, you're good to go. If you have friends who want keys, they need to enter individually.


The contests end when all of our codes are delivered. This specific contest will close at 3am E.T. on Thursday, February, 19. Winners will receive their codes via moderator message on site. When you log in, you'll see a pop-up with your code. Redeem that in your Blizzard account to get started. It's your responsibility to redeem the code. If for some reason you dismiss that screen, then contact us from your registered email, and we'll redeliver to your account.


There’s no excuse to try and cheat to get multiple keys — we can spot cheaters a mile off. If you make two accounts to try and make multiple entries, we’ll disqualify you. Be cool with your entry, but be fair to everyone else. Everyone gets the same chance. We have banned more than 200 accounts because some people thought they'd try and con a bunch of keys for selling on the gray market. Not cool, man.

Your account is at risk if you try and cheat. Please don't risk it.


Agreement to Official Rules: By entering the Contest, you indicate your full and unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, (a) these Official Rules and (b) Sponsor’s decisions, which are final and binding. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein. A winner is responsible for paying any applicable income taxes and any and all other costs and expenses not listed above.

How to Enter: To enter the Contest, you must (a) be a registered user of Polygon, and (b) submit an original entry in response to the Contest Post in accordance with the instructions and standards set forth above. There is a limit of one (1) entry per person/e-mail address during the Entry Period. The receipt of Entries will not be acknowledged.

This contest is only open to inhabitants of the United States of America as the keys are locked to the U.S. region. Please note: Polygon has a 24 hour waiting period before new accounts are able to comment. If you're registering as a new member today you won't be able to enter until tomorrow, however there are 1,000 codes available so please don't panic.

Employees, independent contractors, interns, officers, directors, and agents of Sponsor, other companies associated with the Contest, the judges, as well as the immediate family members (spouse, parents, siblings, and children, and their respective spouses) and household members of any of the foregoing are not eligible to enter. In some contests Polygon moderators will be eligible for entry, as they are volunteers and receive no renumeration for their community service — but only if the judgement is based upon a community vote. Should the decision rest with the community manager then moderators will be ineligible for entry.

As is always the case here giveaways of products are not, and should never be considered, endorsements of the companies involved or their products as per the Polygon Ethics Statement.

Again, you're allowed one entry, any attempts to cheat and/or make a second account will be spotted a mile off. But you wouldn't cheat, would you?

If you have a sibling, or partner who uses the same computer to enter email us and let us know before making a second account, otherwise both will be banned.


Answer this question:

"Which of the three vikings has the least HP?"

What we want you to do is grab a sheet of letter-sized paper, lined or blank, and do the following:

  • Answer the question.
  • Write your Polygon username
  • Draw the Polygon logo.

When you're done post it in the comments below. If you need to upload an image you can do that at Imgur. Make sure you embed the actual image link ending in .JPG or .PNG in the comments. I've highlighted that link in the following image.

So in the comments you'd put an exclamation mark, followed by that URL and then another exclamation mark as follows.


We'll then message codes to those people who get it right, and follow the rules above. It's fair, and a lot of effort for cheaters to bother with so I know real Polygon and Blizzard fans will be rewarded.

If you don't follow the rules your entry is considered void.


Yes! For more information on the game you can follow @BlizzHeroes on Twitter and Facebook. You can watch more HotS videos by subscribing to Blizzards YouTube channel, and get even more information at the official website.

You can also find cool people to play with right here on Polygon. Swing by the HotS social thread and say hi, exchange IDs and stuff.

Good luck, Polynauts. If you have any questions direct them to moderators@polygon(dot)com and we'll get you an answer.

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