Can we talk about inFamous: Second Son (Spoilers Ahead)

Let me start by saying this game is incredible. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Not to mention it's beautiful... It's one of the best looking video games I've ever seen. The lighting affects with the neon powers and the natural light being cast over the city... Bravo to Sucker Punch for putting it all together sooooooo we'll.

It does have its issues though... My biggest gripe is not being able to freely switch between powers. I'd love to have been able to switch powers without looking for a source. Often times I would need my neon powers to get around town but could find a source.

It's pretty difficult. Not in a challenging way, more of a cheap way. Foot soldiers that have powers are able to shoot attacks relentlessly and even the most basic enemies can be huge trouble in big groups. I guess I just don't feel as powerful as I did in the other games.

Lastly, the story... It has some incredible highs and some deep lows. The relationship between Delsin and his brother is great, but the story behind the conduits left me wanting so much more.

How did you guys feel about it?