Injustice: Gods Among Us - Characters and Comics

Hello, fellow Polygoners. I've been a lurker here since its official launch in late October and after watching the amazing Press Reset series yesterday, I finally decided to take the plunge and join.

This morning, I was scrolling through the forums on my phone (Nexus 4 baby!) and stumbled upon this "First 6 Months of 2013..." thread that lists most of the games releasing in Q1/Q2 of 2013. A wonderful and informative thread, but I noticed Injustice wasn't on the list.

Since I'm making Polygon my new home for video games news and discussion, I want to gauge everyone's opinion and hype meter on this title.

Out of all the games releasing in 2013, I am most hyped for Injustice. Though I've been a lifelong fan of Catwoman and Poison Ivy, I only just began reading DC comic books this past summer. I started with the New 52 Catwoman and Birds of Prey books and quickly began exploring Nightwing, Red Hood, and Aquaman.

Fast-forward to December 2012 - I am now a religious comic book reader - my favorite books being Catwoman, Aquaman, and The Joker (ok so it's really Batman's book, but I only read it for The Joker)

Back to the game, how does everyone feel about the confirmed character list this far? Are you still waiting for a certain someone to be announced? I'm pretty ecstatic that Catwoman and The Joker have been revealed and I'm patiently waiting for the day Netherrealm unveils Aquaman and Poison Ivy (fingers crossed!)

Does anyone plan on reserving the collector's edition or following the comic book spin-off/"prequel" that launches in January?

Post your thoughts!


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