Madden Taking Big Jukes



Madden is a game many football fans consider buying every year. Part of this reason for this is that EA is the only people entitled to make football games with the current rosters. Many fans are not okay with this, however I believe they really care about their game and want to make it better each and every year.



I'll be honest, I have not purchased a Madden game since Madden '09, and have yet to purchase the new one. Before Madden '09, I believe I purchased the previous 3 to 4 years and enjoyed them thoroughly. I read the reviews for the new one, which talked about the big steps they were taking in there Connected Careers mode and overall gameplay. For example, I have read that the tackles are more innovated, your football player you progress through their career really makes a difference, you can be a coach and progress through the seasons, online is more intuitive, etc.

Based on the fantastic reviews, I considered buying it many times and wonder if I still should. August is not too far away and I have many games on my plate. It sounded like this past game finally made some progress for the series and I can hope that the next one can be even better.