ME3 Multiplayer polygon center [again]

disclaimer 1 : this is a continuation of the entry started on theVerge

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Week 1 : 19th-21st October : Operation Bloodlust

done. I hope people get their commendation pack. Krogan gold melee was an exciting ride.

Week 2 : 26th-28th October : Operation Valkyrie

An elite asari unit recently recovered shipments of Alliance weapons that had been intercepted by Cerberus. The weapons will soon be delivered to the front lines where they belong. With fresh supplies and skilled reinforcements, we were able to increase the number of targets planned for our next assault.

Individual Goal: Earn 100,000 points using N7 promotional weapons (Valiant, Hurricane, Crusader, Eagle) on any map at any difficulty. The four weapons may be used in combination. Points will be cumulative. Extraction is not required.

Reward: Commendation Pack

Other: The N7 Valkyrie assault rifle will be added to the list of possible commendation pack items.

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