I played 3 hours last night...Am I the only one that thinks...

This game so far is just 'OK' - note this is just my opinion and not trying to start flame war but here are my impressions playing the first 3 hours:

The good so far:

  • Weapons and shooting feels great - each weapon has it's own characteristics and feels like it has a satisfying impact.
  • Graphics look great - I don't mind the facial animations as much as others do. The environments are beautiful
  • The RPG mechanics are great. I really like how the skill system works in this game.
The 'OK' stuff (I'm still very early in the game so maybe things change later on)
  • The story didn't do such a good job of hooking me in from the start. The trailers and auxiliary content did a better job of that. I know Bioware is known for including melodrama in its games but ME:A pretty starts you off with melodrama. You start the game by entering an unknown galaxy with unknown activities and the first thing you get thrown into are daddy issues.

  • The movement feels a little clunky. There's a sense of inertia where you don't immediate stop or change direction with your movement keys. This adds a sense of realism but mechanically it makes the movement feel on the clunky side. Kind of reminds me of movement in the Arma games.

  • The cover system, while great in theory, is a little hard to get used to. It's hard to tell when your character is actually behind cover or just running into a wall. The system is supposed to be seemless but I've often found times when I run to something that looks like it 'should' be cover and nothing happens. Then I run to something the game considers to be 'cover' and there's no visual cue that I can right-click to look over the ledge.

Anyways - these are just my opinions, curious if anyone else playing the early preview has the same feelings?