Why I think you should give Metal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer a Try

At the moment the main shooters are BF3, MW3 and Halo now while battlefield does this to a point, I have found none of these games are really tactical. I miss the days when I could jump onto my ps3 and play a good round of MAG. That game was very tactical, by this I mean if you did not work as a team you would lose. With all the other shooter again maybe except bf3, one or two players could carry a team. Now for me playing a game is not just about the win, but also about how the game flowed. If a game flowed well it seemed to go very quickly, if not sometimes I would get bored while playing it eg. MW3. Part of this is how well the team worked. When I look at the leaderboard at the end of the round if I am at the top but there is a massive gap between me and the next player, I can get a bit annoyed mainly because I do not want to have to carry the team. Now If I am in the middle with a decent score then I am very happy and feel like it is a Challenge to get the top of the leaderboard.

Now with that very ramblingly start out of the way lets talk about why you should try metal of honor warfighter. This game is very team based with the fire team buddy system how you and buddy work can have a massive impact on the game. You can resupply and heal each other and spawn on each others position. This means that sticking together makes the game easier for both of you but also means that your team has less spread. The unlock progression is very satisfying as you feel you have to work for every gun and attachment. This seems balanced as the higher ranked player I have come across have not be so over powered that I have not been able to deal with them. I found myself switching the different classes based on what part of the mission we where playing. This was because at the start my sniper would be needed but later on I may need to lay down suppressive fire so I would switch to heavy machine gun. This variation of needs in the mission helps to keep it from feeling like the same thing over and over again. The needs also change based on the other members of your team, for example you can have too many snipers or no snipers.

Now my favorite mode is the combat mission mode, here you have to attack or defend three objectives. You only fight over one objective at a time, once it is taken the defenders move back. For the attackers to win they have to blow up all three objectives they have only so many lives though. So for the defenders to win they only have to wait it out or kill the enemy team until they are out of respawns. This is my favorite because it is constantly changing, you might think you have them dead to rights, then they get one of the objectives and you have to reset(By this I mean set up at the next position). For the attackers it is all about speed and obviously the defenders need to slow down the pace.

Before I wrap up wanted to express my favorite two classes, these are: Sniper and Demolitions. Firstly Sniper, I love the feeling of killing someone and they have no clue where you where. This feeling of waiting for the prefect shot then lining it up, that split second before I fire I am total engrossed in the game fully focused on that shot. When I pull it off, it is so enjoyable because you know that even though you will do it again it is not as easy as it looks. The demolitions class on the other hand has this ability of extra armor which can be activated. As you activate it a face mask fall down and your movement is slowed. But I get the feeling when I activate it of “Come at me bro I’m a god damm tank”. Any game that can give me this feeling is good in my books. By the way this is not as overpowered as you think. It just means you can take on 2 guys at once. The price of activating this means that it is only good when you know two guys are around a corner or you or covering a door.

Overall this game(by which I mean multiplayer only) is fun but what I have not covered is the glitches such as getting stuck, class and gun failures. If you are looking for a very polished and well thought-out game then this is not it. But if you want some fun with friends(who are not picky over little(big) things) then give it a go. But keep in mind the map design is not the best, the menus are not the best. It is not a amazing game but it is fun. So overall in my opinion the multiplayer is a 7 out of ten but this is based only fun. If I was judging it on every thing a game should be judged on then 4.5 might be a bit generous. All I know for sure is that I will keep playing this when I just want to have fun. Hope to see you in game


I wrote this at 2am so my grammar is failing, also let me know if you are going to pick up the game. Anybody interested in a polynauts platoon in game, let me know what you think. Grammar Nazis Welcome :)