The road ahead

This month, we lost some of our team. This includes Russ Pitts, one of the founding editors of the site, along with Tom Connors and Adam Barenblat, two of the most talented and hardest-working people we had. These decisions are never easy, and Russ, Tom and Adam are people I have considered, and will still consider, friends.

We never thought starting a video game outlet in 2012 (has it been that long already?) was going to be easy and we've learned a lot in the last two years. We learned that there's an incredible opportunity to tell in-depth stories about the people — both fans and creators — that make video games what they are. But we've also learned exactly how hard it is to do that with consistency and how much appetite there is for that kind of coverage.

We're very proud of the feature writing and video work we've done, but producing that content is expensive and requires that all (or at least nearly all) of those pieces are smash hits. When you're publishing two to three pieces like that a week, bringing in the audiences day in and day out is tougher than we'd imagined it would be way back in 2012. Lesson learned.

Will Polygon still make incredible features? We absolutely will. What will change is the frequency.

We need to find the right balance of interest and resource expenditure, so we can continue to produce the kind of longform work that you've come to know us by, while making sure that, when we do, you never want to miss it.

Polygon is growing. We beat our previous monthly high (November, fyi, thanks to the dual console launches) in March and again in May, and June is on track to be our best month ever. According to Comscore, Polygon is now the fourth largest gaming outlet, behind IGN, Gamespot and Kotaku. And we did it in less than two years. In order to keep growing, we need to think critically about our work and continue to challenge ourselves, even when it's hard.

Thanks to all of you, both caustic and kind, who've given us your feedback over these two years. We hope to keep learning from you, entertaining you and informing you for a long time to come.

-Chris Grant, editor-in-chief