Polygon's stance on sex

So this has been a topic of irritation for me, it seems to me Polygon has been trying to say things like video games need to move away from these kind of "sordid" past and things like this, while also promoting contrary positions.

I saw this 2x in the same week with both the Witcher 3 review (which had all comments about the issue pretty much censored), as well as the Dungeon Crawlers 2 issue.

I've pretty much said the same thing both times, which is that Polygon alternates on both side of the issue, they don't have a consistent position. In an article about the Avengers 2, Polygon was unanimous it seemed (in the article and from the comments) about condemning Jeremy Renner for negatively referring to a woman who has lots of sex as a sl**.

In other words, Polygon was promoting and supporting the idea that a woman screwing lots of guys (you know, taking all her clothes off, having a man objectify her intensely, etc, this is what sex is yes?) Actual sex is rife with extreme titillation, objectification, etc, etc, far more intense than most video games could ever provide, and having a wide variety of partners you know triples the amount. In fact, I'm willing to bet it gets a lot more graphic than that at times.

It is arguably, in a sense, a pro-pornographic stance, with the very subtle difference that it was just talking about reality.

Now we have 2 reviews where the images of women being objectified or basically similar kinds of things but simply in a video game are being condemned. Geralt and the cards for girls, the women being titillating and objects of desire, this exactly the same thing.

It's extremely obvious that Polygon wants to have their cake and eat it too, women who have lots of sex with multiple partners or are otherwise promiscuous are empowered females, games that reflect characters that have lots of sex or otherwise promiscuous and titillatory? Completely wrong.

I would be far less concerned if Polygon didn't try to have it both ways, fine, be pro-pornography, but don't turn right around and criticize it in games that reflect the same sentiments.