Goodbye, Polygon


This Friday will be my last day at Polygon.

When I started this job back in 2012, there was nothing I wanted more. Polygon was truly a dream come true for me — a job where I got to interview game makers and creatives, travel the country, and work with a team of immensely talented people. Deciding to move on was an agonizing choice for me.

So, how do you leave a dream job? Well ... by finding another one. I'm taking a short break and then transitioning into a team and a publication that I am so, so jazzed about. I'm diving into a new beat and returning to writing full time, something I've sorely missed over this last year or so. I can't say quite yet where that is, but you can find me on Twitter when I'm ready to announce. It'll be soon, promise.

I want to thank the staff here at Polygon and you, readers, for the last four years. This feels a lot like the place where I grew up. It was my first "adult" job; when I started, I was still a senior in college. I'm proud to leave with the title I currently hold, and I'm proud of everything I've accomplished. I owe so much to the people here, who have challenged, frustrated, delighted and above all educated me in more ways than I can count. I am in awe of my colleagues, and grateful to have had as much time as I did with them. Thank you for that.

Most of all, however, I want to thank Chris Grant, the best goddamn boss a person could ask for. His support and belief in me is a huge part of why I've come as far as I have. It's hard to find another human in this industry I trust or respect more.

Goodbye, Polygon. You are an incredible group of people who I genuinely adore. You have never been stronger than you are today, and you'll only get better in the days to come.


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