Polygon.com and the Polygon's youtube channel

Hey there,

I was wondering whether Polygon's youtube channel operates separately to the Polygon.com homepage? For a while, it's struck me as odd that the youtube channel has some amazing stuff on it that never seems to appear on the website. For instance, I don't think I've ever seen Car Boys on Polygon.com, even though it seems very much in the same vein as Monster Factory, which does appear when the Brothers McElroy deign to make one. Or today, where you're running a Playstation VR video review on the youtube channel while the site's got an in-progress article up by Ben Kuchera. Indeed, a lot of the video content on the youtube channel doesn't even appear in the videos tab on the main site.

In other words, has facebook and social sharing created some nightmarish present in which video #content is mainlined into the internet's firehose while the homepage caters to old-fashioned types who still browse to specific websites?

Yours in robotic solidarity,


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