Hello! I’m Brian David Gilbert. I’m Polygon’s new video producer, and I have three first names.

You may ask yourself: Does Brian like video games? Is Brian able to create videos? Will Brian fight anyone who as much as insinuates that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a subpar game? The answer to all of these questions is, hopefully, yes.

I started editing videos in middle school (luckily most of said videos have been lost to the ether), but it was only in the vast desert of post-grad unemployment that I really dug into the strange world of video creation.

After a few successful videos (and a viral video that I’ll leave you to discover on your own), I gained a modest following on YouTube.

I kept making content to pass the time, and I loved doing it. But I knew that I was destined to create something greater than just weird musical comedy videos.

I was born to create weird musical comedy videos about video games.

So when I had the chance to apply for the video producer position at Polygon, I stuck to my guns, and I sent in this:

For some unknown reason, they liked it. And in a moment of serendipity, Julia independently found and wrote about the largest project I had during my unemployment: Stranger Sings.

Now I work here, and I am equal parts excited and humbled by the opportunity to do something I love for such a wonderful community.

Thank you for having me! And respect the Crystal Chronicles.

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