What's going on at Polygon today?

Pardon our dust, but Polygon is a little slow today.

It’s not the combined GDC/Switch launch hangover. We aren’t all just at home playing Breath of the Wild. Instead, it’s that a good portion of Polygon — its entire female-identifying staff — are participating in the Day Without a Woman protest happening around the country.

Why even write this? We think that you, our invested audience, actually care about where all the wonderful words and videos come from. Polygon has a big staff, and — even in the male-dominated world of video games — a fourth of us are women.

When you exist in the video game and similarly geeky spaces, go to conferences, attend demos, line up at midnight for new console launches, it’s not hard to get constantly reminded you’re a woman. Even if nobody, god willing, creeps on you, there’s just an overall level of dudeness that permeates every pore of things. It’s not always bad, but it just is, and that means there is something totally refreshing at working at a place where women are involved and make impactful decisions.

No matter how you feel about the politics of the day, or the strike/protest itself, today is also International Women’s Day. It’s a time to reflect on the trailblazing women that came before us, but also the women who are stuck in unseen roles, making the impossible work, and who may not get as much recognition for that work. This strike is part of making that visible.

As humans, we have a lot of growing and reflecting on how to celebrate and elevate each other, and treat each other better. Please enjoy some of Polygon’s older reporting on women in the games and entertainment industry, and we’ll all be back to crushing it and talking about the things we love tomorrow morning.

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