Metal Gear Rising: Identity Crisis

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo impressions

I don't know either.

I just played the (360) demo for Metal Gear Rising.It's not often I'm left this disappointed by a demo, but Metal Gear Rising has ripped out my heart and sliced it into shreds. Then those shreds disappeared after around 5 seconds, because everything you cut in this demo has no desire to be in there any more than I did.

Let's start with the good points:

  • The cutting mechanic is quite fun
  • Most of the levels are cut-able
  • Raiden can run pretty fast

Now onto the bad parts, or as I like to call it, the rest of the demo:

Aforementioned level cutting. Sounds AWESOME right?

WRONG, SIT DOWN. Here's why:

The AI is bad.

"Oh man this is gonna be sweet!" thought Fox as she destroyed the support beam underneath a guard"

"Oh wow that totally sucks" thought Fox as the guard fell to the ground, didn't seem to notice what had happened and carried on walking on his predetermined path, giving no shits as he went.

The slicing is woefully underutilised.

Once you get over the fun of slicing an oil drum into 45 pieces, there really doesn't seem to be any use for slicing outside of combat. Not even so much as a "destroy this door to get through". There was even an incident in the first 5 minutes were I destroyed a walkway to reach a higher level, and to restart the level because there was no way to progress.

As it stands, this is a non motion-controlled version of the Sword Duel from Wii Sports Resort.

It's neither a good Metal Gear nor a good Platinum Action.

Now we knew this wasn't going to be a Metal Gear in the traditional sense the second we saw it, but with Platinum at the helm, we could at least expect Bayonetta with a Raiden skin right? Well the demo was quite happy to let me finish the whole thing with a continuous stream of X button mashes, my only alternative being... mashing the Y button.

It's also graphically poor, not normally a problem for a Platinum title, but in the world of Metal Gear Solid, the same world that saw MGS4 5 years ago, it's a tiny bit jarring.

I wanted to love this demo, I really, really did.

I came away with serious doubts about whether I'd ever bother getting it.


Sad fox/10