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Hello fellow Hunters. Come join the Poly-van with a capital 'P'! Pretty much any discussion of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is fair game. We're all pretty curious about how it works. Sharing your own personal secrets of success is encouraged.

Creating Lobbies/Gathering Hall

I'm going to suggest that we use a standard format for creating Halls to meet up in. Please try to not reply to the Hall message except to let us know when you're shutting it down. So we should see a message that your starting one with the template below (copy paste) and then try to remember to tell us when you're all done. Cheers!

Meeting Hall template



Passcode: XXXX

Friend code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Started: [Date] [Time]

Some advice from me, about other hunters that aren't as far along as you. Take it or leave it.

Be a Mentor, not a Snob

Try not to respond to someone struggling with a particular monster with "but that guy is easy!" The implication is that the other person just isn’t good enough, which is presumably is not what was meant. But in this scenario were dealing with someone that is already frustrated.

Every monster is hard at first. Until you learn the finer details of your weapon, and until you learn the signals and patterns of a monster, they all can be a risk. As well, in hindsight (after you’ve beaten it) most monsters seem easy. But staring into the beady eyes of some beast that is halting your progress, and just won’t go down? Yeah, that monster is a real pain. Just some insight to share; I don’t have any authority to tell you how to behave.

Good Hunting!

The first image won by a landslide.

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