Going current-gen for Mortal Kombat X? (Netcode, competitive viability questions.)

So, here's what's going on: I'm still on the Xbox 360. I also happen to love fighting games. I played the shit out of Street Fighter IV. I did not play Mortal Kombat 9. I'm looking to make the jump to a next generation console. I'm not sure which, (possibly PlayStation 4 if the Street Fighter exclusivity is anything to go by), so let's table the console argument for now.

If I'm going to go all-in on Mortal Kombat X on a current generation platform, I want to be sure the netcode is sufficient, and for those who followed Mortal Kombat 9, how the online competitive scene faired over time. Is there anybody familiar with these questions who may be able to assist?

Also quite pertinent: stick or pad? What's your preference?