Trying the Oculus Rift: What you Need To Know

...No, really. It is in Queens, NY this week for Indiecade (as far as I know, the only time it will be on the East Coast Until after E3). Now that the proof is out of the way, here are some notable facts. Of course, some are attributed to the context of location and the fact that it is not finished, but here we are anyway;

1) If you're nearsighted, you'll need to keep your glasses on. If you're farsighted, you don't.

2) BLURRRRR: You can tell that it is because it's not finished, but the blur is ridiculous. The frame rate is at 60 (or so I've been told), but it's as if the hardware just can't keep up. In fact, it was really disorienting while in one of the levels. It was a lot better when the level changed (specifically, to the one Nilay was immersed in).

3) The word of the day is "Vertigo:" Here's the small problem. The right stick and the head-tracking do the exact same thing. If you don't know that beforehand, you may get confused when flicking in one direction and turning in another.

4) This device is definitely for the introverted: The immersion factor is really lost in a loud area with people directly talking to you. The only way to really get into it is in a quiet room with some headphones on. Socializing is a no go, unless its online multiplayer.

5) It's not putting it on that's jarring, it's taking it off: When you put it on, you know exactly what you've entered into. 3 minutes later, and it's a different story (taking exception to the blur problem, that is).

Has anyone else tried it?