There’s too much good here to ever be silenced.

I have clear memories of scrolling through the comments section on Chris Plante’s GTA V review a little more than a year ago. I remember some denizens of Polygon were upset because they perceived that the game had fallen short of a perfect 10 because of its treatment of female characters. I remember thinking, "This conversation may be ugly, some people may not be behaving themselves, but when Grand Theft Auto IV came out we weren’t even having this conversation, and that’s progress." A year later the voices for change in our industry are louder than ever before, the conversation is the ugliest it’s ever been, and some individuals have gone from merely misbehaving to engaging in overt acts of terrorism while cowering behind a hashtag.

As a white male I enjoy a position of privilege in this community. Nobody has ever threatened to kill me online. I never worry about being on voice chat on Xbox Live and nobody has ever hit on me on Twitter. My response to hateful and ignorant people on the internet is usually to simply ignore them. In the past I’ve encouraged my friends, some of them female, to do the same. "Just ignore them," I’d say, "They don’t deserve your time or your worry." To quote a female journalist I respect, "Zero shits is precisely the right number of shits to give."

In recent weeks that advice has become irrelevant. I can’t suggest that anybody sit quietly on their hands anymore and I can’t do that myself. The targeting of Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and Brianna Wu has made it obvious that this toxicity is something we simply cannot afford to ignore. Those anonymous cowards on the internet have become very, very real and they’ve declared war on the safety and peace of mind of every female working in the video game industry.

If you have honest concerns about issues surrounding integrity in the video game industry and you want serious discussion you should be doing everything possible to distance yourself from these people. You should be doing everything possible to distance yourself from a vitriolic movement whose titular hashtag has lost any shred of credibility it ever had. You should be doing everything possible to stop #GamerGate and restore sanity.

Compared to others my duty in this is so easy. Speak up, offer support, spread awareness, write a forum post. It’s the very least I can do when these incredible women continue to fight for their beliefs despite living under constant threats. My duty, I think, is to add one more voice to the growing, thundering herd that is gathering to declare in one voice:

We will not be silenced by the spineless threats of addle-minded bigots.

We will not turn to the forms of hate you seem to hold so dear.

The proper authorities will continue to exercise caution and prudence in response to your threats but make no mistake: Ultimately you will accomplish nothing.

These women have been driven from their homes but their voices are louder and carry more weight now than ever before and they will never, ever go away.

They will not silenced and neither will we.