How much time do you spend creating your in-game character?

Hey so, what's the most time you guys have spent making a character? In what game was it?

For me it's probably Dragon Age:Inquisition. It was the voice. Weather making a male or female character, the four choices available (2 each) just didn't seem to fit with anything except a few faces. It took many tries and at least 3 hours total -- and this includes actually starting the first part of the game only to notice that my carefully crafted warrior/whatnot looked like a sack of wet crap once the in-game lighting kicked in. That's for my main character with which i finished the game. Creating a new one took about one hour. I may be nuts.

The more options offered by a character creator, the more time i will spend creating. On average it's somewhere between 20 minutes an an hour depending on depth. Which is why i love games like Saints Row because they pander to my obsession by allowing me to remake my character as many times as i see fit with options galore.