Trying To Start A Game Club (Video Game Book Club)

Over the past couple of weeks I've discussed the idea of doing a game club with a friend of mine who I game with on a semi regular basis. What I'm trying to do is organize a small group of people (likely 2-5 at best) centered around playing and discussing games similar to a book club. In addition this ideal group would consist of people who are generally speaking open minded about topics like race, gender, intersectionality and so on regardless of whether or not those come up. My friend has expressed interest in the game club idea but also told me that it needed to work within the time she allots for her weekly gaming sessions, among other things. So scheduling is important as are finding the right people, figuring out the type of games we want to play and having a group that everyone is interested in being a part of, additionally making sure that no one feels time constrained or forced into doing something they're not interested in.

That's where I'm currently at, right now I'm just trying to sort these things out so that I have a better idea of what we'll be doing. This post isn't explicitly asking for people who are interested rather I'm asking if anyone has any thoughts they'd like to share in response, suggestions to what I could do or where else I could go to find the type of people I'm looking for or to organize a group like the one I had in mind. Regardless I'd be more than happy to hear what anyone has to say as I'm just trying to find gauge responses at this point.