Why gaming is important to me

Gaming has been accepted by the masses more so than ever in the last years, but it's time to think of gaming as the art form it is.

Games have been a very prominent part of my life since I was a child and as I grew up they became more important to me and who I am as a person and who I want to be as a professional, I'm not one of those people that aspire to get involved in the industry because I think it will make me money but because I simply feel very passionately about the games that I play and the stories that they tell.

It's very important to have an outlet for your emotions or an escape when you feel overwhelmed with your everyday life, for many people this could be films, novels or writing. But for others, games provide a wonderful playground for you to get away from yourself for just a little while. In games you can be a different person than you are in the real world, maybe that person is better than you think you are and maybe that person is someone that can teach you how to respect yourself more and strive to be better in your own life.

When I'm playing HITMAN, I am no longer the clumsy girl who falls while simply standing there. I'm the world's best assassin who can do anything and am respected in my field. When I'm playing Tomb Raider, I'm a survivor who will stop at nothing to protect the legacy of my father. When I was young, I watched my father do my essay and play Tetris and all those other old style games that are ridiculous to think about now but the simplicity of those games is what made me feel like they were important, and as I grew up I started seeing games as more of an art and not simply something to fill up time or conquer boredom.

Games have evolved from those simplistic puzzle games with no graphics to realistic style games that rely heavily on voice acting and motion capture to illicit real human emotions from the players.

As an example of my personal experience with gaming, after my father's death in 2012 the only thing that made me feel even a little bit better was playing World of Warcraft; It was a game I enjoyed and wished to play with my father. He had said when he got out of the hospital we would play it together but unfortunately he passed away without really getting to experience the world of Azeroth and all it had to offer. Playing World of Warcraft makes me feel closer to my father in a way and it's still an important part of my life.

Another example was when I played through the Borderlands 2 DLC, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. It was a very emotional story based around how a little girl deals with the death of somebody who was like a father to her and it became something so personal and so important to me. It was truly inspiring that a game, something made purely of pixels could have those that kind of emotional responses in a person.

I don't think that I would be the same person that I am today without games as they have made me more creative and more passionate about things that I enjoy and they have helped me to understand different forms of art and what they might evoke in others. Furthermore, I think that being a game developer or writer or any number of persons that are involved with the process of making video games, I think that they should be considered artists, the same as a painter creating worlds with simply a brush and some paint, or a sculptor who chisels a beautiful representation of the world they see.

There are so many different types of games out there for different people; whether you're a casual gamer or professional competitive gamer who does this for a career, No matter what your reason for playing or creating games is, your passion is important and it is valid.