The Gaming Drought: Games Going Stale?

The past few years have seen the dawn of a brand new generation of gaming, welcoming the 8th generation in the form of the Playstation 4 & the Xbox One. And while there have been some pretty great titles to have launched in that time, none of them have really grabbed me the same way Grand Theft Auto IV did back in 2006; a game that I've given more time to than breathing.

Everything seems to be the same thing, every game is just an open world sandbox or a first person shooter or Tell Tale have released another licensed choose your own adventure game.

Everything just seems so dull.

There have been hundreds of games to launch over the past couple of years, yet none of them have fulfilled my need for interactive entertainment.

Perhaps it’s just me, I've grown up on games, 20 years of exposure might have taken it’s toll on me. Every now and then something really special comes along that makes me fall in love with games all over again, just recently the amazing Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture awoke me from my gaming slump. And while I'm completely in love with The China Room’s latest addition to the wonderful world of gaming, the marvel of Rapture was over far too soon for me and I've fallen back into my personal gaming drought.

The upcoming Winter Holiday releases can’t come soon enough. I'm desperate to run the roof tops of 19th century London in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. I'm hungry to go to battle with the Empire in Star Wars: Battlefront.

But most of all I yearn for the reported 400+ hours worth of content awaiting me in Fallout 4.

And while it’s not long until I can experience these games for myself, I must make do with gameplay clips from the various gaming events from the past few months.

Not long to go.