Polygon Daily (Quarterly?) 5: Why Can't I Quit You? (I can edit this forever)

Welcome to Polygon Quarterly, your sporadic community thread where you can just hang out with the Polygon readership and have fun times. Just be sure to stick to the Polygon community guidelines though, okay? Now, let's round up recent news.


  • Stranger Things’ Upside Down portals have started appearing in Fortnite by Austen Goslin
  • Publisher of indie game that mocked Chinese president loses business rights by Owen S. Good
  • Xbox Game Pass adding Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Undertale, and more in July by Austen Goslin

  • The Time I Tried To Ruin Halo 2 by John Hopson
  • Disneyland Review: The Iconic Theme Park In The Age Of Star Wars And Marvel by Chris Plante
  • How R-Type Came Back From The Dead by James Mielke

  • Super Mario Maker 2 Review: Much More Than A Game Design Toolkit by Russ Frushtick
  • Valve Index Review: $999 Buys You The Best Vr Experience Yet — When It Works by Ben Kuchera
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home Is A Breezy, Thrilling Vacation From The Mcu by Matt Patches
  • F1 2019’S New Series Teaches You Why It’S Fun — Even If You Don’T Know The Sport by Owen S. Good

  • Polygon Daily (Quarterly?) 3: Why Can't I Quit You? by mattwhite924
  • Polygon Daily 4: Canteen Dreams by sum_guy
  • Polygon Daily 3: The Freshest Undying Corpse of a Thread by sum_guy

  • Pokégon Discussions!
  • COTD

    Boi!!! Boi!!! Boi!!!
    Boi!!! Boi!!! Boi!!!
    Boi!!! Boi!!! Boi!!!

    by Pojodin - 2 Recommends

    Platted Resident Evil 2. I’m just working on a few odds and ends challenges before starting Kingdom Hearts 3.

    by Pojodin - 2 Recommends

    Developments gone Tits up you say?

    by sum_guy - 2 Recommends

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    I can still edit this after the forum died!