Game Character Dress Up for Summer Cannibals Concert?


Yes, as a fan of video gaming character dressings, our group of friends decided to attend an upcoming music concert with game character dress ups. We are group of 6 girls and 3 boys and thinking to wear different video game character like dresses for an upcoming music concert of Summer Cannibals at Georgia. You can see the details from here Yes, it would be rock music concert that's why we want to look unique and classic. We are thinking about following getups.

For boys, we are thinking about "Leon S Kennedy" of Resident Evil II. As a fan of Solid Snake looks, I am preferring this dress up but my friends are also Snow Villiers like dressing as an option.



On the other hand, if we talk about girls dressing then it is hard to decide among too many options. My friends are in the favor of following kind of Mitsuru Kirijo dressing. Yes, we are considering long boots with medium sized skirt in this regard.


I also like the combat style dressing of "Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Here, you can see her look:


All in all, I am looking for the best suggestions in this regard. On the other hand, we would take accessories with us because we don't know either organizers will allow or not. However, we will just make the clothes just like normal to avoid looking like aliens in crowd.