Polygon forums close this Friday

Hello Polygon friends,

It is with sadness I announce that the Polygon forums will officially close this Friday. We will still keep the forums and posts online for an undetermined amount of time, but we will turn off the option to create new threads or comment.

Realistically, now is the right time. The forum is rarely updated these days, instead serving as a home for illegal torrent links and spam. Keeping the forum safe and clean is simply too great of a burden at this moment.

So, we will close the forum at 9 AM ET this Friday.

Since the forum will be left online for the foreseeable future, I encourage forum regulars to leave a post directing colleagues to a new home, whether it's another forum or a Discord.

Thank you all so much for supporting Polygon. I have many positive memories from the forum in Polygon's early years, and I'm grateful for those of you who kept it alive. I hope to see you in the comments!