PSASBR: Share your thoughts on the Beta


As a member of the PlayStation Plus faithful, I was rewarded like millions of others into the public beta for the upcoming brawler PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale. Unfortunately, like Salias, I found the game incredibly lacking (well, it's a demo essentially but I'm talking about core gameplay) with none of the flow, or charm of Super Smash Brothers.

Character wise, Kratos is vastly over-powered compared to the other characters available. Radec just seemed a complete waste in my hands as I had no idea how to make use of his moveset.

Parappa - I dunno, against Kratos he had no chance, and I found myself on the losing side many times. Couldn't get a handle on Sweet Tooth either.

Seriously. Am I doing this wrong????

As I was so bad, I guess I gave up sooner than I'd have like so I haven't tried Fat Princess yet, is she any good? I must say though visually the game looks the part, with absolutely stunning backdrops.

That's worth something, right?