Fantasy roster additions - who would you like to see?

So now that PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale is out - and we've already received word of its first character DLC - who are the additional characters you'd like to see make the cut? Now I'm talking strictly first-party here...IPs that would hopefully mean minimal hoop jumping for Superbot.

Here's my list (all of whom, as far as I know, are characters owned by Sony):

Alundra (Alundra) - I envision him playing a lot like Link, considering the original game took so many cues from The Legend of Zelda (though like Okami, managed to out-Zelda Zelda in many ways).

Ellen (Folklore) - Ellen and Keats play pretty much the same in Folklore, but given what a sausage fest the current PSABR roster is, the injection of little more estrogen would do it some good. I actually think this would be a very natural fit for how Allstars plays, considering the mechanics of Folklore. Each button - Square, Circle, and Triangle could have a different folklore assigned to it - just like the game. It could make for one very cool move set.

Rose (Legend of Dragoon) - I'd accept Dart, considering he's more the mascot of Legend of Dragoon, but Rose was always the cooler character. Obviously, she'd be a nimble character who'd likely excel at close and mid-range combat.

Robbit (Jumping Flash!) - I picture him being similar to Sackboy in so much as being very reliant on projectiles. It would be fun having a character which really excelled at air-to-ground attacks as well.

Vibri (Vib Ribbon) - This would just be so cool if it happened. Perhaps her form could even downgrade as she's attacked, with her move set changing to accommodate each form (Rabbit > Frog > Worm). Could make for a neat - if rather unorthodox - roster addition.

Rudy Roughnight (Wild Arms) - The mascot of my favorite "under-the-radar" JRPG series. I picture him being a faster version of Sweet Tooth - employing bombs, guns, and even a little sword work.

Yoshitsune (Genji) - A badass sword-wielder to counter Raiden. Obviously Yoshi's Level 3 Super would incorporate Amahagane - slowing down every opponent to a crawl while he dispatches them.

Jen Tate (Primal) - Animal forms. A crap ton of combo possibilities. Gargoyle assistant. 'Nuff said.

Vahn (Legend of Legaia) -Obviously a very combo heavy, close range character. One cool mechanic could be the implementation of "Arts" and "Spirit", where Vahn can either combo into single, more damaging moves for greater AP gain, or enter a defensive mode where successful attacks from opponents yield less AP gain.

Leonard/Caesar/Yulie (White Knight Chronicle) - A pseudo-tag trio where different button presses trigger moves from each character (Circle could trigger Yulie's bow attacks, for example). It would be a cool way to evoke the party mechanic of the original game - especially in conjunction with Supers that transform Leonard into the White Knight.