How to make All-Stars the brilliant game it can be.

How to make Playstation All-Stars the brilliant game it can be

1. Admitting that it was completely inspired by Super Smash Bros.

This would be the first step, naturally. The similarities between the two games are undeniable, to the point where someone could even confuse All-Stars for Super Smash. It would be very beneficial for SuperBot entertainment to acknowledge this similarity since it will open a gateway to allow an already amazing repertoire of ideas from the Smash series to be applied to the All-Stars series.

2.More variance in level design.

Yes, SuperBot has designed some pretty stellar levels that are constantly evolving during the entire lapse of each match. Yes, the idea of crossing over elements from different games to create a stage has been executed quite effectively. However, I can’t honestly say that there’s one level that just stuck in my head, that I simply loved to play in, regardless of whether it was constantly changing or just static. One example form the Super Smash could the Final Destination stage, which was basically just a flat platform, but provided pretty epic and inspiring visuals in the background, along with the music that made for a very exciting place to battle in. The other one is definitely Temple. It provided a huge battle space that allowed the versatility of battle of each to be fully exploited. In All-Stars, all the stages seem to be of the same size, and I can say that I’d be willing to sacrifice some of the dynamism for a larger space to play in.

3.Bring on the actual Knock-Outs.

"The object of a match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, is to knock the opponent off the screen and so beyond the "blast lines" which denote the field of battle; an emphasis on ring outs is standard for the series, but a departure from traditional fighting games which focus on knockouts.”

There’s many reasons why Super Smash was so fun. Bringing out all the moves in your arsenal to knock your opponents out of the stage, trying to get the punch fully charged with Ganondorf to deal some serious damage, or getting lucky and hitting your opponents with a charged bat, immediately knocking them out of the stage. This was all part of that amazing experience, where players would go to great lengths to punch their opponents out. And while it is completely valid that SuperBot took another approach to the fighting game, I can’t help but feel that the game loses the thrill that Super Smash held.

For one, I always felt like all the attacks I was doing, other than the Super Moves, we’re unnecessary and more like “filler-material” before you get to the super. I could’ve chained together amazing combos with Raiden, without missing a beat, yet there was no health bar to diminish, or some abyss to throw my opponent into. Just hoping my Super Move bar would fill up a bit more. Make no mistake, I think the combat is stellar and engaging, I just wish that I was engaged in something else than filling up my Super bar. It’s like the Naruto anime for example, where sometimes you just have a series of episodes that are completely unnecessary and unrelated to the main storyline, and becomes stale.

Bringing thing Knock-Outs and the damage percentage or bar or whatever would definitely help. I remember how extremely satisfying it was to take my opponents damage from 0% to 150% right after he spawned, and how he would begin to go a longer distance every time I sent him flying, or the urgency of trying to get back to the stage after I’d been knocked out. That would be simply fucking great to have in All-Stars.

4.Give me and show me power.

One of the most satisfying moments in Super Smash would be when you charged up one of your regular A-button moves completely, dealing more damage to your opponent and sending him on his way. Or hitting someone with a falcon punch. Or the bat. Those “chargeable” moves gave the game a more dynamic twist that had players sacrificing precious split seconds to get in that powerful hit, and screaming joy as you heard the “OHH” of the Super Smash in-game crowd, watching that little trail of smoke behind your opponent as he darted across the screen. Mmm. Jack off material.

I feel the need to see that potency in All-Stars. A steroid jacked character like Kratos should have some moves that make you go “Ooo” when they hit your opponent, or even when they hit nothing but air, because they just looked so goddamn powerful, like Ganondorf’s kick where he lifted it high and brought it down with force.

Opponent’s characters should also reflect the hit that they have just taken. In Super Smash, after hitting someone with a charged sword-swing from Ike, would have that character ricocheting around the surfaces of the stage. Obviously, being the dicks we are, we’d take Ike’s sword to our agonizing enemy while he’s on the ground. Enemies would also fly away at super fast speeds, or hit the ground with, literally, ground-breaking force. I want to see this implemented in All-Stars. I want to be able to chain a combo with Dante, then smash my enemy into the ground, and then charge a sword strike to send him flying off the screen. And I’d like my enemy’s character to reflect the pwnage that was just inflicted upon him.

We have brutal characters from brutal games like Raiden, Dante, Big Daddy, etc. I think we can afford to juice it up

5.Who the fuck is that?

When I was looking at the character roster, there we’re some characters where I would just go “Who the fuck is this?”. I had no idea who Parappa was, or that asian cat thing, or Mike (max?) from that monkey game. This was a bit (well, a little bigger) of a let down. I was really hoping to be able to dish out some damage with iconic characters such as:


Thane (from Mass Effect)

Cloud Strife

Riku or Sora

Ezio Auditore da Firenze


Crash Bandicoot

Batman (Arkham City)

Old Snake or Liquid Ocelot or Vamp

Ryu Hayabusa

Lara Croft (although we got Nathan Drake)

Obviously, Sony doesn’t posses such iconic first-party characters like Nintendo, (And shit, Nintendo has a lot). But Nintendo began to take characters from other franchises that were not first party like Mewtwo, Marth, Lucario, Solid Snake, etc. SuperBot could learn from this and take characters from other places that are not restriced to First Party.

In retrospect, Nintendo is able to draw from a much more...”friendly” variety of characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, etc. Sony, on the other hand, has loads of characters that lean towards a more mature audience.

(Also, the final boss kinda blows.)

6.Presentation, presentation, presentation.

Holy Crap. I’m sorry. But shit. The interface design on All-Stars is shit. I hadn’t realized how important a good menu design is before, but now I’m certain that it is essential. The problem isnt just in the accessibility but also aesthetically.These menus and loading screens and other screens are so vanilla. So terribly, fucking vanilla. Those gradients just look like powerpoint presentation themes. All-Stars absolutely needs and overhaul on its design. It needs to be slicker, more streamlined, easier to access etc. It took me longer than it should’ve to find out how to set up a team battle. Quite simply, SuperBot needs to go back to the drawing board.

Knowing what my character would look like with the different color choices would also be great.

Also, this might be asking too much for a series so young, but I might as well. The soundtrack on Super Smash was absurdly brilliant. It was inspiring and totally got you into the mood to kick some ass. And that song paired with the intro cinematic? Epic man. Epic shit. It’d be nice to have a more exhilarating score for a game that has so much good material to draw from...JUST SAYING.

7. Why go on?

And, as cool as it may be to have every character form the start, I found that I was motivated to play much more when I could look forward to unlocking new characters and such. Anyone who ever played Super Smash knows the goose-bump thrill of hearing that distinct audio track when you had to battle an “unknown opponent”. Or that heart-pounding battle where you’d go all out to acquire an unnaturally skilled computer controlled characters. And when you finally beat them, Wow. Shit, those were epic times. And that leads me into my next point.

Unlockable stages too.

8. So, what are my choices?

I wish there was more variety in All-Stars. In Super Smash Brawl we had a tournament-like “Classic mode” and “All-Star” mode. In Melee we had Adventure mode which was later replaced with Subspace Emissary.

How about a knock-out tournament mode? Or more relevant and varied challenges like those in Super Smash. Perhaps even a survival mode.

Also, I should be able to tailor each match to my liking, whether it’s by making the match be a one-hit battle or make the contestant fast as lightning or infinite stock.

It’d be brilliant if the single player story mode, if it can be called story mode at all, actually had some sort of story. Hell, if the Wii could pull off such brilliant cutscenes and stories for Subspace Emissary, why can’t a powerhouse like the PS3?

Also, it’d be nicer if we had more items. Just for the sake of variety. You know, mix things up a bit.


Just consider that All-Stars could become a flagship franchise, one that would lead to people purchasing a playstation console just for the sake of playing this game. Everybody wins. While it may seem like my propositions would result in All-Stars being a copy of Super Smash, because it probably will, the resulting product would blot out this fact, and from here All-Stars could commence to create its own identity. You need to walk, properly, before you can ever hope to run.

I’m not the best writer, so if anyone feels this to be more convincing or more structured, go for it.

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