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Welcome to all, come inside and discuss everything that is Pokemon with your fellow peers. You might be in for a shocking revelation at how big our Pokemon community is. Don't be afraid to join in on any discussions or swap friends with others for some electrifying online battles. Let's amplify this community and keep things rolling.

That's right, Hoopa was made officially available in the U.S. via a McDonalds WiFi promotion over the weekend. There are tricks to getting it in similar ways, but we'll leave that up to you to find them out. Otherwise, asking around for someone to spare an extra Hoopa (because people will have at least two of the recent games somewhere) is allowed per Polygon forum rules.

Get hyped for Pokken Tournament and get ready for the original games on Virtual Console too! Only thing that would make 2016 more worthwhile is a new main series game... maybe surrounding Zygarde?

As usual, if you're new (or starting over), you can use the Google form here to enter relevant Friend Code info for our ORAS player database (courtesy of Rhyz).

Now, good 'mon catching/breeding/training to you all!

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