Pokégon Discussions - Marching Pikachu

Pikachu March

I, for one, welcome our electric mouse overlords.

Welcome to all, come inside and discuss everything that is Pokemon with your fellow peers. You might be in for a shocking revelation at how big our Pokemon community is. Don't be afraid to join in on any discussions or swap friends with others for some electrifying online battles. Let's amplify this community and keep things rolling.

We've come off of an interesting Pokémon World Championships in Boston, especially with Japan seeing its strongest group in the VGC side. Well, there's always next year for the rest of us. :)

Oh, and Pokken Tournament is coming to Wii U next year!! That didn't take long at all. Until then, see which Dave & Busters will have those arcade machines if you're in the US to practice on your game. Of course if you're in Japan, you're already getting good. Now we just need to know if we'll get a main series game for 2016, and if so, when.

As usual, if you're new (or starting over), you can use the Google form here to enter relevant Friend Code info for our ORAS player database (courtesy of Rhyz).

Now, good 'mon catching/breeding/training to you all!