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Those flames, tho?

Welcome to Pokégon Discussions, where this shouldn't be a spoiler, but at least the more important one is concealed if you haven't gotten that far into the game(s).

A Note:

Speaking of shade, the first two global missions of Sun and Moon are over, and... they went about as well as Team Skull grunts trying to pokenap a Stufful from its Bewear parent, meaning not-so-good. The catch 10 million didn't even get close to being off the ground, and the Island Scan mission at least got to about the 2/3 mark. I'm telling you, the whole registration process is a barrier, the lax nature of announcing the missions didn't help, and the Festival Plaza isn't much of an enticement outside of trading and battles. At least, next time, the future global missions should be followed on r/pokemon at least. We might have a fighting chance then.

Next Global Mission: 500K Battle Tree Matches

Start Date - February 24th


  • 2,000 Festival Coins (FC) if goal is met; double if game save is registered (4,000 FC)

This one is pretty much done, folks. By the time the mission had reached the 24 hour mark, it was almost done. Now... it's over 4.5 million. You can still register to participate in the global mission to reap the rewards and continue pushing it upward. Just do it. 2k or 4k Festival Coins is worth doing just that much in the long run.

UPDATE: This is one for the record books. The record was obliterated, so go get that bag of FC!


The competitive side for the VGC 2017 is here and are the rules for those of you looking to compete:

The competitive season is off to a good start, with the first international championship in London and the first regional in San Jose, CA last month. The meta game is ripe with way more parity than the past few years. It's still early and there are regular Battle Spot events coming constantly, so start getting involved now if you want to go have a chance at going to worlds this year! The VODs for the events should be found on the Pokémon Twitch channels and top matches on their YouTube channel. Click here to see Aaron "Cybertron" Zheng break things down. All the same, there are some buffs and nerfs (mostly nerfs) to abilities, attacks, and effects that will affect the meta game, so look to YouTube vids from the likes of pokeaimMD, NumbNexus, and many others to give you the basics.

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Pokémon Generations is here! Watch the bite-sized episodes that show certain events during the history of the main series franchise. Link to the playlist here

For some of the most useful Pokémon GO information out there, head over to The Silph Road subreddit; their website has some useful tools as well. For some gameplay tips, give Trainer Tips a subscribe on YouTube.

Returning for this release is the Friend Code database, just for Sun & Moon. Use the form here to enter in the pertinent information and click here to see who's in already. For those of you who play both versions sides (and/or if you play using multiple 3DSes), you can enter in information as many times as needed. Just don't go overboard and mislead people. Remember, this is to help people out with trades, the festival, do battles, and have a good time. Don't be jerks to each other, please. Let's keep it chill.

Now, good 'mon catching/breeding/training to you all!

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