The PAX Prime Polynauts Meetup 2013


Polynauts! It's a whole lotta' fun, with prizes to be won.

We've officially got confirmation from the powers that be that we are good to go for the first ever Polynauts hangout at PAX Prime: 'Polynauts Crossing'.

Leading the charge for the Polynauts at PAX Prime will be Polygon moderator Nicole_Nymh and she'll be holding down some space in the East Lobby in the Washington State Convention center, on Level 6 on Saturday August 31 from 10:30am onwards. Read on for the details.


So, there's a couple of things happening at PAX with the Polygon community. First of all the Polynauts are invited to come and meet each other face to face and get to know the person on the other side of the Internet buffer a little more. It's a chance for you to put a face to the name and make friends, take photos and bring the Polygon community a little closer.

You'll also get to meet some of the Polygon staff who are attending the show. Confirmed thus far for the hangout are Alexa Ray Corriea, Russ Pitts, Samit Sarkar and Jimmy Shelton. Depending on schedules there may well be more turning up so swing by, say hi and you never know who you might run into.


The primary goal here is to connect the Polynauts together in a friendly and fun space. We're going to do the best we can to aid you in that. You've also got a handheld console yeah? Maybe you want to offer Animal Crossing items for trade via Nookslist in person? Or maybe challenge someone on your PS Vita, iOS or Android devices. The possibilities are endless. Who knows you'll probably add a few friend codes/online ID's whilst you're there. But that's not all that's happening.

If there's enough interest, we can also accommodate a Disney Infinity character/power disc swap*.

*Note: This is not an opportunity to sell them, and we would prefer if the exchanges were trade only, this is also optional!


There's going to be a Scavenger Hunt as well. Keep your eyes open on Friday whilst on the expo floor for printed Polygon logos. If you find one then we recommend you snatch it up and don't use it as a puke napkin when you party on Friday night because there's a very important number on the back. If that numbered Polygon logo makes it to the meet-up at 10:30am on Saturday morning Nicole will match the number to her prize list and you can walk away with a neat prize*.

*Note: No, we don't know what the prizes are yet, nor do we know if there are t-shirts involved. The mystery box of prizes will be getting to Nicole the day before PAX, direct from Justin the Polyking himself so rest assured - there might be some good stuff in there. We don't know.



If you've got access to any mobile device whether it's an Android, iOS, Windows Phone or even Blackberry device then we recommend that you download the Guidebook App in order to get a detailed PAX map to guide you through the expo floor. We'll be set up in the East Lobby of the Washington State Convention Center. That's on Level 6. End boss style. That's Nicole in the image above by the way, and yes - she has a Polygon t-shirt that she'll be wearing on the day so you can ID her a little easier.


Only ONE numbered Polygon logo can be redeemed per person. Be one of the good guys and don't hoard them. If you find an extra one do pass it along to another Polynaut and tell them about the meet-up! We'll keep you bombarded with tweets from Nicole and the Polynauts account (and we'll also update this forum post on Friday morning) with how many logos have been hidden around the center.

If for some reason the mystery prize box includes any kind of prize that could be considered inappropriate for folks under 17, and the redeemer can't verify that they are of age then Nicole reserves the right to swap it out for something more appropriate.


You can't phone I'm afraid but you can Tweet Nicole at PAX Prime on Friday for last minute questions or ideas, or hit the team up at @Polynauts and we'll put you in touch if you get lost on Saturday. You can also comment on this post or reach out to us at community (at) for more info should you need it.


Hmm. Nicole the Polymod will be holding a Polygon Community Hangout at PAX Prime on Sat 31 August at 10:30am. There's prizes to be won too if you can find a numbered Polygon logo. Follow her on Twitter to keep up to date

And always remember to tell a friend where you'll be, stay safe at all times and most of all have a great time at PAX Prime Polynauts.