How Steam Controller Backwards Compatibility May Work

Here's a little treat for your Sunday (I don't know how to do this on a Mac, for the record). Credit given to this NeoGAF post.

  • Go to the Steam Folder in your Hard Drive
  • Go to controller_config
  • Open the app_204450.txt file in notepad

You should see "controller_mappings" with some easy-to-understand code underneath it.It's pretty obvious that this is a configuration for a game using the Steam Controller. Which game? Well, 204450 is the steam id for "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger." Look up the PC Controls and you see they match these instructions just about perfectly. Perhaps this is the way backwards compatibility works with the Steam Controller? Creating a simple text file? I'm not so sure, but this does give some more clarity on the controller design.

1) The 3 buttons on the bottom of the front of the controller are most likely "escape," "home" and "menu."
2) The trackpads are capable of registering double clicks and the outermost part can register entirely different commands

3) The controls can also register 4 or 8 unique angles, or you can assign the entire track pad as a whole to one concept (i.e. "Movement" or NBA 2K14's "Pro Stick").

4) the underside buttons are apparently called "backside"