Acknowledging Gaming Analysts On Youtube

So we've all heard the claims of YouTube killing video game coverage, and now every major gaming web site has at least some form of a Let's Play. However, YouTube's wide reach and lower barrier to entry has allowed more than just simple-to-produce videos to become popular. New ways of discussing games are now available in abundance. On YouTube, I have found multiple content creators who talk about games in ways most gaming writers now don't usually try. I'd like to highlight a few of them here, and hopefully bring some new people to these personalities.

Chris Franklin (Errant Signal)

While many of the people I mention talk about specific games, he has little issue talking about game trends and designs as a whole. He is also probably the most mechanically focused of all the people I'm posting, which is great because it's not something commonly talked about in general with games.

Recommended videos

  • Criticism and Curation – One of the very few people out there that I know of who goes against the notion that Steam's opening of the floodgates is a bad thing.

  • Tony Hawk – As I mentioned regarding the mechanics, this video talks about what the series did right, where it all went wrong, and quite a few other things.

Bobby The Tongue (MrBtongue)

In the near 3 year period since his first video went up, he has only created a total of 31 videos with very little of any consistency in releasing them. He also has little to no social presence anywhere else on the internet from what I can tell, and all of his videos have a very lo-fi aesthetic. He's definitely the anti-modern game critic personality. However, he combines an in-depth look on games with a strong literary background... somewhere. The monotone voice compliments his hyperbolic deadpan humor, too. Simply put, without exaggerating at all, he is basically the Pelé of complaining about video games.

Recommended videos:

George Weidman (Super Bunnyhop)

The most consistent of all the people I'll be posting here, and one who will occasionally put his journalism degree to work. He usually has a video out on a weekly basis, but the topics covered can vary a lot depending on whatever is currently happening in gaming culture.

Recommended videos

Stuart Brown (Ahoy)

This channel is not so much focused on in-depth criticism of the effects that the Y button has on the emotional appeal of the climactic ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... consider this a more documentarian channel. If you're into first-person shooters, a ton of his content is dedicated to highlighting guns from a variety of shooters. If you're not, there is still plenty content for you to enjoy, alongside a huge emphasis on aesthetic appeal in his video editing.

Recommended videos

  • A Brief History of Graphics - a 45 minute video on highlighting certain aspects of graphical style and progression throughout video game history. You can see in the description that the video can be broken into 5 parts, if sprites aren't in your field of interest.

  • Game DNA: Minecraft – going through Minecraft and looking at some of its influences

Satchell Drakes (Satchbag's Goods)

Satchell is on the high-end of the spectrum when it comes to editing his videos, with an artistic vocabulary worth boasting about. You can tell pretty quickly that design is the queen on his chessboard.

Recommended videos

  • Zen in Video Games – The measure of good gameplay has historically been how active you are, but what about games that are more passive in nature?

  • Top 5 Best (Video Game) Works × 2014 – A video in which he talks about his opinions on the political climate during his road to becoming a professional equestrian

Noah Caldwell-Gervais

Were you complaining about some of these videos being too long? A heh heh heh. This guy knows no bounds. His shortest video is his "Gamer Identity" one, and that goes on for just about 25 minutes. He has no problem going 2 hours + discussing his topics. His stuff had also been pretty lo-fi in terms of visual/recording quality, which you can tell immediately from his title sequences.. and this picture I tried to grab from one of his videos, but it doesn't get too much in the way of the content.

Recommended videos

Because I am astonishingly lazy (and don't have much else to say about the next few people listed), I'll link you to a video of each, and you can take in what that tells you about the person behind the microphone.

Feel free to add in some more high-level video game channels on YouTube here. I'm always willing to search for more.