Will there ever be a Portal 3? (Portal 2 Spoilers)

After having hated the buzz around Portal for years (hey its just a puzzle game, what's the big deal?) I finally bit the bullet and got both games last week. Once i started playing, there was no turning back, finished them both in a grueling 14 hour marathon. I was blown away, not just by the mechanics, but by the characters and the story development as well.

Which brings me to my main question, do you think there will ever be a sequel to Portal 2? Especially since we've been waiting for Half Life 3 for so long.

Plus, the way Portal 2 ended, it did not leave much room for a sequel. GLaDOS has her robotic minions to test on and Chell is finally free.

Sure, they can put out a patch and "extend" the ending like they did with the first Portal, but that wouldn't really make sense after the second one, since GLaDOS would not have any motivations to keep testing Chell anymore.

In my opinion, it would be cool if Valve somehow converged the Portal universe with the Half-Life one, with Chell becoming a main character in Half Life 3, having a side-story in which she tries to survive in the outside world.

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