Gran Turismo - Game or Sim? Has Polyphony been developing the series in a bubble?

I admit, I've sunk more time into the Gran Turismo series than I care to admit.
It introduced the model of a "simulation" on consoles, and a career based on collecting cars.
It shows a reverence for the cars and the tracks they race on(more than it's competitors for sure).

Although I am of the opinion that Gran Turismo 3 was the peak of the evolution of this franchise, I still believe that taken purely based on it's simulation feature-set (accurate Physics, plethora of cars, tracks and surfaces, photo mode, graphics) the game is still unrivalled to this day(although admittedly several games may have overtaken GT in these individual categories, none have stolen the crown completely).

But beyond the simulation, taken purely as a game, it's flaws are becoming more and more apparent. GT hasn't evolved it's game design nearly as much as it's feature-set. This is a huge problem, as games have caught up and even surpassed GT. The AI is still god awful(Codemasters games are much better). The sound leaves much to be desired, and while the sounds may be ACCURATE the actual sound design isn't nearly as punchy as it should be(Forza does this better). And while I think GT has a more realistic lighting model than Forza, the car modelling is WAY too varied between standard and premium cars. And don't get me started on the career grind, slow progression and unwieldly menus.

I played Forza over the course of two months, and purely as a game, Forza is looking at Gran Turismo in the rear view mirror.
As a sim, GT takes the crown(frankly, it's not even close).

If Polyphony wrapped the technical merits of Gran Turismo around a well designed game, we could be looking at the next peak for the series.

GT6 seems to be too concerned about improving technical stats. Let's see some improvement in the actual game design/progression, and AI. <The Menu redesigns look vastly better though. And the concept of a consistent stream of DLC is very appealing to me, which adds to the idea of GT as a service>

What do you think? Am I full of it, or has Forza become the better GAME?

One only needs to look at the two reveal trailers for Gran Turismo 6 and Forza 5 to see the differences. Forza looks way more gamey, whereas GT seems to revere the cars, and is way more subtle.

No hate please. Thank you. :D

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