Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Impressions?

The game has great graphics and animations, great voice work (Drippy in particular) and a wonderful score. What I find tedious is the battle system and grinding in particular. It seems you are constantly running into the same enemies and having to go through the same battles over and over again in order to level up. To me, this gets very repetitive. What did you think?? I like the boss battles way more than the repetitive grinding with less powerful enemies.

There needed to be more layers to this game. I recently saved my game right before the third boss (Gladiatur?) in the Golden Grove. I also wish I could save my game more frequently than at Waystones. This further adds to the games focus on grinding over and over again because you are forced to start the level over and collide with the same enemies over again. I often try to evade them to get through the level. I'm about level 11 now. A guy I watched in a YouTube video walkthrough was at 16 at the Ding Dong Well!!! He must have spent countless hours on the main map grinding away. Just crazy to be at that level so early on in the game!!!

What is the point of money btw if there really isn't that many weapons / armor or other items to buy at the Cawtermaster's Shop? I found this to be kinda lacking. I'm also not finding that many treats to feed my familiars in the creature cage?? Wouldn't it have been great if you could fight with more than 1 familiar at a time? This is yet another weakness to the game as having more familiars really doesn't help you. Each familiar should have it's own health bar?? I dunno...what do you think?

Another thing too is that I become disoriented in the map especially after a battle, on what direction to move in next. I finally got the hang of it by carefully looking at the map but I did spend some time repeating paths and colliding with the same enemies I had beaten prior again. Again, more grinding.

This game seems to be Sony's answer to Zelda for the PS3. Lol. I just wonder if there are limitations on what could have been done with the gameplay to make it more dynamic. Fighting with all your familiars each with a health gauge would have been cooler than one familiar at a time and all working off of Oliver's health meter. To be honest, I find myself just using Mitey for most of my battles anyway.

This is easily a game you could sink 100s of hours into, grinding away!

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