Divekickers unite!

Hey errbody! I was wondering if anyone here has Divekick on PS3/Vita? Or even PC? I picked it up on Playstation ($8 for plus members, $10 for non-members and it's cross-buy) and have been playing it quite a bit. I was hoping I could have some friendly matches with some friendly people! I'd love a safe space to try out new characters and whatnot. If an overwhelming number of people have it on PC (available on Steam for $10 right now), I'd pick it up there as well.

It's a really fun game that is basically what I've been wanting in a fighting game for a long time. No complicated button combinations, small barrier to entry, huge potential to master the game. It's all about playing your opponent, not playing the game, which is awesome. It basically puts everyone at the point that makes high level fighting game play fun, and that's the "mind games" that come with experience. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has wanted to be good at fighting games, but could never get past the high barrier that is precise combos.

I should follow up saying that the game isn't "easy" just because of its simplicity. Learning how different characters work and figuring out when to use specials (each character has two, ground and air - activated by pressing both buttons simultaneously) is how you get good at the game.

Anywho, you can add me on PSN (PSN ID: schmete) and let me know! I'll check back here periodically, but I unfortunately don't have a ton of time to frequent the forums with work and games. Love you guys!


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