Dishonoured / PS3 Trophy System Questions

Hey everyone--anyone? Hello?! Is this thing on!?

(The above is in case anyone is wondering about the nick-- anyway). So I completed Dishonoured my second time through without alerting anyone or killing anyone, and I didn't get the trophies for this 'achievement'. OK, so it's not the end of the world, but it's frustrating when specifically playing for this purpose (to knock off more achievements). This happened before with XCOM: Enemy Within also.

I guess my question is not so much why (b/c I'm not a technical guy), but where should I look to verify how to meet the requirements, or request a bug fix for such things, if that is what it is? The publisher directly? Is it more of a filesystem screw up on the PS3? In the case of the Dishonoured 'malfunction', the mission stats for each chapter in the original campaign show zero kills, and zero alerts.

Any comments on this matter are welcome. Thanks!

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