Uncharted Bore?

Uncharted is not one of my favorite games, but it was the game that made me go "HOLY HELL, I need to buy a PS3!"

The visuals and execution were so top notch that I replayed the demo like twenty times just to see Drake's pants get visibly WET! Sure that sounds weird now, but at the time it was a big deal... trust me. The Last of Us was the perfect bookend to this experience. The next-gen hype of the new consoles was already ramping up, and here I was dusting off the ol' PS3 to be completely blown away by those Naughty Dogs once again.

I have not picked up a PS4 yet, as I haven't really seen anything that feels like the big leap that comes with new consoles. Really, I have been waiting to see Uncharted 4 and yesterday I finally did. Is it just me, or did that game play reveal seem very underwhelming?

I am not a graphics junkie by any means (I own and enjoy a Wii U), but Naughty Dog are the dudes that set the precedent. They make da games with da graphics. Have my expectations become overblown over the years or have we hit the graphics plateau?