Suicide bombers? Why?

I want to briefly talk about a gripe I had while playing the Beta build of Rainbow Six: Siege.

I am really loving this game a lot, and having a ton of fun. Sadly, there is one thing that keeps sticking out as a glaring flaw to me in an otherwise super fun game.

Suicide bombers. I am not sure if this was a staple of the last games, because I haven't played them before, but they strike me as kind of meaningless and crude.

First off, if this game was set in a setting where suicide bombers had a place it would make more sense. A group of suicide bombers defending a building doesn't make sense to me. It just seems like a tacked on enemy type to add variety. Why not just stick with mines, or a multitude of other ways a blowing stuff up? I don't mean to make morals a huge part of this, but having multiple people running at you and blowing themselves up in a game which otherwise seems grounded in a very real and hardcore combat scenario both breaks immersion and frankly offends me.

When a real, human suicide bomber runs into a room, and kills themselves - along with many of those around you - it should be an impactful experience. I am not a fan of the way it is portrayed in this game. It leaves a gross taste in my mouth. In my opinion, they are tasteless, unrealistic, immersion breaking, and frustrating to deal with in a game which would actually benefit if it was without them.