The Rayman Legends Delay


There have been some heated words thrown about with regards to the recent September delay of former Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends. The demo has been out for a while and the game had apparently gone gold. Why then was it delayed?

Rayman has a niche but dedicated fanbase and Ubisoft claim the delay was done in the interest of fans on other platforms. Understandable, because Origins was a fantastic platformer. I know many people who were disappointed that it was to be exclusive to a platform they didn't think they would ever own.

That might justify the multiplatform release, but does it justify the delay for Wii U owners?

No doubt Ubisoft feel it's a better financial decision to to market all the versions at the same time (even if the new date puts it in the busiest quarter for releases, where we will be seeing blockbuster titles like GTAV) but is this an ethical action to take?

An odd question for something so trivial as having to wait a few more months for a video game, but it's not just the gamers who are affected.

A quote (translated from French) has appeared from one of the development team:

I completely understand you but you have to understand one thing. This is not a decision taken by the development team, this comes from really really high up, so please don't pick on the game.

If you're pissed, imagine how we feel. Think on the situation, we've been making overtime with this game practically since May preparing E3, and then almost a demo per month (gamescon, Wii U presentation, shops, eShop, etc...) and at the same time trying to actually finish the game. We had a first delay because it was obvious we couldn't finish on time but we gave it all to be there on February. What face do you think we had when the week we had to close the game we're being told it's not going to be released? I couldn't believe it.

For practical matters, you'll have to wait for some months for the game to be released and will most likely serve for more content to be added and do it better. For us, this means we've spent 6 months barely seeing our wifes, kids, and friends for nothing because, after all, such a haste wasn't needed. Believe it, it was a hell to swallow these news.

Even then I'm firm in what I said back in the day, Rayman Legends is an excellent game and will still be, and the team that's making it doesn't deserve to have your back turned on them just because some men in ties one day took a wrong choice. This industry is really that shitty

Which paints a rather less favourable image. And here is the question:

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