Gaming Memoirs: Resistance 3, and how I started focusing on the gaming landscape



Ah Resistance 3, how’d I end up buying this game? I had never played a Resistance game before; this was my first; so why did I decide to buy it? See, in 2011 I was in a spree of buying PS3 exclusives. Killzone 3, InFAMOUS 2, Uncharted 3…that really was a good year for the PS3. One of the many games that came out during that outburst of exclusives was Resistance 3, and after watching the first E3 trailer, it caught my eye.

After a while, I started seeing some gameplay for it, and it blew me away. I had never seen anything like the weapons in the game. When I saw the Bullseye in action, ‘twas love at first sight.


A little backstory…

See, I had never played a Resistance game nor seen anything from them. By that time my gaming experience and knowledge was quite limited, and it was starting to grow. I got my PS3 on January of 2010 because I wanted to play Arkham Asylum and my computer couldn't handle it. So why chose the PS3 over the 360? Simple, the PS3 let you play as the Joker. It might seem like a ridiculous reason, but it sold the console for me. Sometimes one doesn't know how much a little feature can do, huh. Anyway, I do not regret the decision I made. While I did it with little knowledge, with time I found myself at home with the PS3 system, with a variety of games that appealed to my tastes. In time, I bought a different array of games that seemed to catch my eye; inFAMOUS, FFXIII and others were some of my first PS3 games.

At first, gaming was my 2nd hobby. What was my main hobby? Comic Books. I loved ‘em. So, what happened? Borders closed, that’s what happened. Where I live, there are no comic shops nearby, and at the time, digital distribution was just on a starting phase, merely a speck of what it is now. Borders was the closest I had. Every week I went in and bought a batch of comics. Sure, I got comics a month late, and I was never sure if the series I liked was actually going to ship the next month to the store, and I couldn't request anything, had to make do with what the selection they had. But I loved it, it was my passion and it made me feel good. But one day, Borders went into bankruptcy. I could not believe it. After a while, they closed the store, all of them really. I was sad, and no longer had a way to read my comics. Since that day, comic books were yanked from the first place of my hobby list, and suddenly, my focus was able to shift to gaming. Slowly, I grew more into it.

Branching Out


In 2011 I started to look at the gaming world more openly, and decided to branch out on the games I bought, I decided to give different things a try and to become more involved with the gaming world. As previously mentioned, one of the games that caught my eye was Resistance 3, once I saw the Bullseye in action, I was pretty amazed. I hadn't seen anything like that in a game before, and something as simple as one gun suddenly had me interested in the game. It was not only the whole tracing bullet thing, but the design of the weapon itself; the colors, the shape, and the holo-sights. Time passed and more information was released of the game, I researched a bit and learned about the series past. Suffices to say, my interest was piqued. I saw more weapons from the game, and Insomniac’s creative designs really grabbed my attention.



Somehow, I got to play the beta for Resistance 3; I honestly don’t remember how. Maybe it was a public thing, or maybe I somehow got invited. Nevertheless, I finally had a chance to try the game. At least, the multiplayer portion of the game. Which is funny, because multiplayer is the thing I have least played since I bought the game, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

I had a lot of fun with the beta, even manage to reach the level cap. I was never a great player; but I was good enough to defend myself. It was my first time playing Resistance so it was my first time playing as/against the Chimera. One of the most iconic things of the Resistance series is not only the weapons, but the Chimera themselves; and they did not disappoint.

While the beta was at first filled with bugs, people running through the air, and a lot of stuff like that; most of the mistakes were eventually fixed, paving the way to the full release of the game.


Who would've thought that the thing I had cared less about for this game ended up being my main reason to enjoy it? And what would that be? The story. That’ right, I mostly enjoyed Resistance 3 for the story. Resistance 3 starts out with Joseph Capelli; who I learned was a prominent character in the previous Resistance games. He was dishonorably discharged because he killed Nathan Hale, the protagonist of the previous games (he did it so Hale wouldn't fully turn with a Chimeran virus...long story). But that doesn't matter now, Hale is now no longer a soldier and he now has a wife and a child who he look after. He lives as part of a group of people, a resistance is you will.


See, the thing is, in the Resistance series, humanity is fighting a losing battle. In this universe, hope is quite bleak; and as it turns, apparently humanity will not survive another year. Yet one glimmer of hope presents itself, a cure has been devised thank to Hale's blood. Enter Capelli's journey to New York. On the way you meet some interesting survivors, and some interesting enemies.


One that stood out for me was Jonathan Rose. Jonathan Rose is a deeply religious man who lives with his wife and a group of survivors. And you know what? His portrayal is one of the best portrayals of religious characters I have seen in gaming recently. He's not the bad guy, he's not exaggerated, he's not in-your-face, he's not ridiculed; he is just one survivor of the resistance. In fact, a leader to his own group of survivors.

Also, he helps you fight a Chimera boss named Satan, which is pretty bad -@$$




The game is just fun to play for the most part. The weapons are very creative, there is one that has tracing bullets, another shoots through walls, there's a freezing gun, a sort of mutator-gun, and many more; plus every gun has a form of secondary fire. Also, the game has no regenerative health, you have to pick up health packets; which ups the challenge a bit. Another thing to note is that there is no 2-gun limit like in the previous game, there is a weapon wheel to choose from the weapons you have found, which I find nice.

Also, one part I found myself playing lately is the Survival mode. Survival mode is a separate DLC Survival mode for the game (which oddly enough is not in the Survival DLC but in the Brutality Pack DLC, for about $4). It's a mood where you fight endless waves of Chimera while starting out with only a big hammer and finding weapons along the way. This part of the game I find particularly fun as it also has co-op (main campaign does too, but this is a bit more fun with friends) and I've had some good times playing it when friends come over, though it's also enjoyable alone.

I do have to say, though the multiplayer is really good, I didn't find myself spending much time with it, mainly because I am not a person who gravitates much towards multiplayer modes in games.



From what I've experienced, Resistance 3 is a great game, and quite the underrated one. Swallowed into the crowd in a year of multiple PS3 exclusives, and nearly abandoned by marketing (it did get one of the worst Kevin Butler commercials, focused solely on the Move sharpshooter); it's still quite a good game, and you can probably get it now at a cheap price.

Please leave your thoughts down in the comments section so I am encouraged to write more things like this or just to shut up. :)

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