This week I got my Zelda fix.

I love adventures game, not the point n click ones... except monkey island with a walkthrough... let say I love action adventure games. The Zelda series have been the biggest and best franchise for that genre for a long time, but my interest in the franchise start to falter with Twilight Princess, I hate that game, and Skyward Sword was okay, but it feels weak compare to LttP, OoT and WW. Anyway, the closest thing that was able to scratch that itch was a action-rpg, but it's not the same, the gameplay is too different and there is not puzzle or traversal in those.

If you start to look at the different features, Tomb Raider is a Zelda-like:

-New item unlock traversal to access new area
-Puzzle in dungeon/tomb.
-Semi open world.
-Combat is part of the game, but not the focus.
-Linear, but with a feeling of freedom.
-Gear is evolving. It's not loot based.

With Nintendo unable to release a Zelda game in a timely fashion and one that is not completely bland, I think that Crystal Dynamic just cemented with Rise of the Tomb Raider as my new main action-adventure franchise.

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