From What it Looks Like, Saints Row 4 Just Might Be The Worst One In The Franchise

I played Saints Row games. I know Saints Row games... Saints Row 3 was not fun.

I already know what you're going to say: "BUT YOU CAN DRIVE IN 8-BIT TANKS WITH BURT REYNOLDS AND FLY OUT OF PLANES AAND... SOO MUCHHHH!" To which I'd say "that's exactly the problem."

You rob a bank are shoot people while in a helicopter during the first mission of the game. You jump out of various planes 3 times before you're even half way done with the extremely abrupt story line. When you finish the game, you are invulnerable to bullets, fire, car accidents, falls from any heights... actually, the only think that can hurt you is a zombie. Essentially the entire game was filled with moments that would be considered awesome. However, because the game NEVER SLOWED THE F*CK DOWN, we didn't really have any reason to properly appreciate these moments as they should be appreciated. Thus, all the "fun" moments actually were just bland... and it got bland pretty quickly. "Oh look, zombies are here... sure there are." "Chopping someone with a chainsaw during a wrestling match. Fine, whatever gets me through this mission.: "Tiger in the passenger seat? Whatever." Eventually the moment arises when you realize you're not even doing anything fun in this world. You're just doing "things" as it is completely normal. Thus, Saints Row 3 goes so far over the edge that it's poor sense of pacing causes it to miss its own point... and then there are the dildos. Ohh boy...

Saints Row 2 didn't have that problem. Yes, you had a side mission specifically about throwing sewage at people's houses, but the batsh*t factor was balanced by moments on the opposite end of the spectrum, like actually seeing an ally of yours getting her necked sliced up by a sword. Because we weren't inebriated from demolition derby side missions or moments of getting angry at rival gangs, we could appreciate both those serious AND funny moments equally, leaving a more engaging experience. It was what made GTA Vice City awesome and GTAIV completely forgettable (and San Andreas in a very uncomfortable middle ground, if you're wondering).

I'm primarily concerned by the SR4 developer's idea of "fun" and if they can figure out that the good things in life are best served in small doses... I'm gonna take a wild shot in the dark and guess they didn't. I'm not even talking about how the graphics are EXACTLY the same in 4 as in 3, or how they probably don't have that great of a story line considering they kill off extremely important characters for plot devices at will... OR even how the game won't be too long considering they just announced the cancellation of Enter the Dominatrix in June so you're probably just getting $60 DLC... or speculating if they'll ever bring back competitive multiplayer... or if clothes customization will be the same way it was in SR2, which was better by light years... or the 24 other reasons I could probably bring up as to why this game is almost certainly going to go wrong.